Printer Management Software and the Modern Business

DCA Dashboard


Most of the technology products we use today involve usage monitoring – some examples:

  • Automobiles
  • Cell phones
  • Utility meters
  • Computers
  • Thermostats
  • Irrigation systems
  • Security systems
  • Household appliances
  • Wearable devices

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) is our printer management software that enables automation for all consumers of print cartridges.

Simply put, it connects your printer to the Internet (just like your computer already is) and monitors the ink and toner levels in the cartridges along with the printer usage patterns. We use proprietary algorithms to predict when the cartridge will run out and to send you an alert to order a new one.

Many large enterprises have already converted to managed print service agreements and are usually partnered to their service providers in multi-year contracts and pay for their services via “cost-per-pages-printed” billing models. In adopting the monitoring technology, it becomes possible for companies to manage their costs more effectively. It often also means their suppliers can make everyone's life simpler, will save on inventory carrying costs, and expedited freight charges that occur in un-monitored environments. These savings can be passed on to the customer. Part of our business process involves preparing a proposal for you 30 days after the installation of the data collection agent. This plan will be customized to fit your requirements based on the data we collect during those 30 days, and you are free to accept or decline what we offer.


After installation on your network, the DCA software connects to our secure server via a one-way outbound connection only.

Only the Printer Name, Make & Model, Location, Serial Number, IP Address, MAC Address, Page Counts, Scan Counts, Toner Levels, Status / Alerts are collected, and then encrypted during transmission to our Secure Server using standard internet security protocols.


In utilizing the Data Collection Agent (DCA) technology it becomes possible to improve efficiency. Just like Uber connects demand for a car ride with supply much more efficiently than a regular taxi service. Just like Airbnb connects the supply of rooms with demand at a lower cost than regular hotels. Our DCA software is no different – it is just connecting the demand and supply using the latest technology and ensuring you get your cartridge at the right time and the right cost. You can benefit from the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

We do not waste our money on premium freight charges. Nor do we waste our money servicing working capital requirements to finance unnecessary inventory or the ongoing potential for obsolescence. Because this lowers our operating costs, we can pass on the savings to you.

All we ask in return is you make your printers part of the Internet of Things so we can see your printing devices and determine your consumables demand. From that point on we can make sure we have the right cartridge in the right place at the right time to minimize everyone's cost and most importantly yours!


After installing the App, you can just sit back and let the software run in the background on your network. For 30 days you can view all the analytic data through your personal dashboard accessed via private log-in and see the ink and toner consumption on your printers.

Of course, orders can be placed anytime but if at the end of the 30-day trial, you decide not to proceed for any reason then you just let us know, and we will provide you with any assistance you may need to remove the DCA from your network.

Once the DCA has been monitoring your connected devices for 30 days then we will be prepared to formulate a custom proposal for you to consider for all your ink and toner supplies as well as the service and repair of your printer fleet.


Managing the expenses for your company printing costs is a big deal when, typically, ink and toner may make up as much as 35% of a company's total spend on office products. In our post COVID-19 working environment many employees are likely to be working from remote locations such as their homes. While you may have expensed a personal printer for them to use in their home office, it becomes increasingly difficult for your purchasing manager to maintain control over the subsequent purchase of ink and toner necessary to keep that device running. Often the first your company may know about a new cartridge purchased by an employee is when an expense report for reimbursement is submitted. By installing the DCA your purchasing manager will have full visibility with regards to the ink and toner requirements and can manage decentralized requirements from a central location and ensure the cartridges are purchased from the right vendor at the right price.

Reduce your dependencies on toner forecasting, ordering, stocking, and management. Learn more about our Printer Management Software