Customer Onboarding

Here at Central Texas Office Products we’ve setup a process designed to make your onboarding as simple as possible.

    Second, this is optional, but we’d really like you to install our FREE DCA App designed specially to help you manage all your printing devices and to help us provide you with the very best deal possible. You may be more comfortable installing the App after we’ve executed a mutual non-disclosure agreement. It’s entirely up to you!
  • Download and sign our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you decide to install the DCA, we’ll send you an email with the install instructions, a simple process that takes only 3-4 minutes to complete. This will then enable you to see your networked printers on a dashboard, complete with all the ink and toner levels. Over the following 30-days or so, the software will calculate projected cartridge replacement dates based on your usage data. Any ongoing changes in printer usage patterns will automatically refine the projected cartridge replacement dates.

A natural follow on to the DCA install is to deploy our 2CLIXZ mobile App which has been designed to enable authorized users to scan QR codes on tagged assets for raising service & repair tickets, managing extended service warranties, and ordering supplies and printer related consumables, all while you stay in full control of spending by utilizing the integrated budget control features.